Friday, October 11, 2013

What's really important?

One of the most peaceful places for me is to be at the beach.  I become very introverted and introspective and it is where I can truly clear my head of all the stresses in life.

Living in Texas, there is so much to do, however, due to my fears of jellyfish, rattlesnakes (yes at the beach I have seen warnings for them), sharks, etc. I tend to stay out of the water.  Up until 3 weeks ago, I had never been to Galveston Island.  Over the last three weeks, I have been there twice. 

The first time it was with the family for a baseball tournament that my son's were playing in.  The games were OK, they both played well, but the important piece was the bonding time we had.  My oldest son is a Senior in high school this year, while my youngest son is a Sophomore.  They are the best of friends, period.  After the tournament we went over to the sea wall and the boys decided they wanted to feel the water.  It was really cool to see them really spend some bonding time with each other aside from being at home or on the ball field.  Next year will be hard on both of them.

My second trip to Galveston was for a work conference.  Like I said earlier, I get very introspective at the beach and spent some time on one of the jetty's.  The picture at the top of this post is one that really focused me on our first visit.  The statue is a family holding on to one other, looking for guidance from a higher power.  WOW! 
It is easy to get so focused on the hustle and bustle of daily life, but all of us really need to take that me time to remember what is truly important in our lives. Take the time to seek guidance, but hold on to those values and beliefs that are most important.
Hope this isn't too deep a post.  Usually I draw inspiration for my posts from reading others posts or based upon what is happening in my daily hustle and bustle.  Unfortunately, I have been away from reading and writing for a couple of weeks, but while these thoughts were in my head, I felt it best to share them.
Regardless of your situation, you should never get too busy to get back to the basics.  The basics will vary for each of us, but when you do, you will feel so much better.
Hope you all have a great weekend!  Let me know what getting back to the basics looks like to you.


  1. Mark- You have two very good looking boys. What I noticed is that they appear to happy which is so refreshing for kids that age and not put on. I think up get caught up in what we are doing and forget to take the time to smell the roses. Good reflecting post.

  2. Hi Mark, This the first time I visit your blog. Love the sensitivity you expound on your post. My brothers and I were very close to each other, just like your sons. Is your oldest going off to college? Sounds like they are good players. Liked your post. Good read. I will visit more often. Blessings.

  3. The beach seems to bring that out in a lot of people. Your sons will always have that special bond and that is such a wonderful thing. One will help the other grow. Yes next year will be hard but it will also be a wonderful learning experience for both. :-)

  4. Getting back to the basics me for me always means unplugging from social media and taking the time to read a good book. The pace of life doesn't allow much room for reflective thought unless we make the time.

  5. Absolutely love this post. I can see that we have similar thoughts and values.
    The beach is truly an inspiring place, particularly if it is secluded. At the least not crowded.
    Getting back to basics and making choices on what is the most important rather than muddling through all the 'must do' items is a way of keeping your mind balanced and clear.
    I had to laugh about the reasons you don't venture in the water. Here I was thinking that Australia had way to many killer creatures. You guys have it just as bad :)