Tuesday, October 22, 2013

MVP or Great Teammate?

It is that time of year when my beloved Boston Red Sox are back in the World Series!!!  Who'd a thunk it?  A year ago under the leadership of Bobby Valentine, the Sox were Horrible for a number of reasons. This year, the best record in the league! 

Leadership has alot to do with this, but so does the culture of the team.  Nothing sums up the culture of this years team more than a picture posted on Facebook today.  It was a quote from second baseman, Dustin Pedroia that said, "We're trying to win, man. Nobody cares what they do personally. It's all about the team." Powerful stuff!!

In sports, it has been said that there is no bigger accolade a professional ball player can receive than they were a great teammate.  MVP's, batting titles, home runs, strikeouts, all of it does not matter. Were you there to support your team and did you do everything that you could do, selflessly, to ensure a "W"?

In our organizations, we come across people that have their personal agenda's.  We all know who "they" are.  Who are the individuals that are digging in and making sure that the job is getting done better today than what it was the day before?  Are you one of them?

As a leader, it should be our goal to make sure that the team is successful.  As in the case of the Red Sox, current manager John Farrell understands the concept of team.  You don't see him trying to be the center of attention, unlike Bobby Valentine, last years Sox manager.

Are you a leader that is willing to work with the team you have to lead them from worst to first?
Are you creating a culture that puts team ahead of individual?
Are you ensuring that successes are being celebrated, but not dwelled on during the journey to greatness?
Are you able to recognize opportunities for development, and put players in roles that best suit the needs of the team?

If so, you my friend are a strong leader.  Let your legacy tell whether you are a great leader.

Have a great week!  Go SOX!!!


  1. I quite like working in a team environment, it gives me energy and gets me through the rough spells. When that team spirit isn't present, then I prefer to work from home or in isolation. The opposite of team is too often, Spy vs Spy and who wants to work in that environment? :)

  2. I don't think that it is coincidental that often our true leaders played some form of team sports in their youth. I'm a true believer that team sports teach our youth many things about leadership and life.

  3. It's essential to create a team spirit and make people want to play their part. Someone with the personality it takes to lead doesn't have to do much, just be him/herself for that to happen.

  4. Leadership is not following the leader but working as team for a common goal. A good leader appreciates the contribution that their team provides and make the team as a whole better. I try to be a good leader with my employees and not a dictator as a result they feel more comfortable and are willing to go the extra nine yards

  5. Mark - Leadership is a great thing and not all people are good leaders. I have found that many leaders do not lead to empower their employees. They lead to empower themselves.

  6. Mark - Let me start by saying I so much enjoy your posts. You are a wonderful writer. I always come aways with such insight. The important part of leading is that you lead your people to become leaders themselves. Teams work because everyone is in it for a common goal. :-)

  7. Before I left corporate work I was a sales manager, being promoted from a supervisor role, coming up through sales. In my early training we had a douse of Vince Lombardi. He spoke quite clearly to the leaders role in the team, "Build for your team a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another and of strength to be derived by unity." He of course, was part of the team. Thanks Mark!

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