Friday, October 12, 2012

Musical observation

I am by no means a musical expert.  Just getting that out on the table to begin with.  I enjoy listening to music and probably over thinking the motivation behind the words, which is the fodder for this post.

As many with people who have to do any type of vehicle travel, I usually have my XM radio stations that I naturally gravitate towards.  I enjoy listening to the decade stations, country music, classic rock, new age music, pop, hip-hop, etc.  I have a varied listening palate that is usually driven by my mood at the time.  As I have spent close to 40 hours in my vehicle over the past week, I have found myself listening more to differences in the decades of popular music and, as a history major in college, can see how changes in society have manifested itself in the music.

Many have researched and gotten into the "weeds" of the driving influences behind the music.  That's not where I am going with my comments.

In my opinion, many problems we have in society today are as a result of individual greed and the entitlements associated with technology.  Music back when I was growing up spoke more about feelings and making things better tomorrow than they are today.  An example of this is in my High School class song, "Don't Stop" by Fleetwood Mac.  Whenever I hear this song, I am reminded that life is a process, and as long as you keep plugging away, good things will happen. 

Music should be motivational and inspirational.  I have a few songs that really inspire me and motivate me.  It's the words, and through the years words have evolved from enjoying people, life, relationships and positive messages to a more negative overtone. 

I can say that I have probably become my father, by making my kids listen to music from earlier generations, and then forcing them to listening to me sing (which I couldn't carry a note in a bucket). 

Maybe I am feeling a little nostalgic this weekend, as this is my High School 25th reunion weekend.  It is important that a person never forgets where they come from.  Even though I won't be attending the reunion, reflecting back on my graduating class, I always stay grounded.

What music motivates you?  Comments are always welcome!

Happy 25th NHS Class of '87!

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  1. Thinking in a car is such a great place to find subjects and answers, isn't it?

    Like you, I love all types of music. Music is such a powerful form of communicating a message. I wonder what message the newer music forms are really saying, but then again our parents wondered that about our music choices at the time...LOL. Music motivates me in many ways, to recall past events of note, to carry on when all seems lost, to cherish my family and much, much more. I loved the post.