Friday, August 24, 2012

Recharge Your Batteries!

Are your batteries recharged?  This week, my batteries got recharged and I am motivated to do so much! 

I was in a Leadership Development course this week.  As most leaders, we have attended many of these sessions, but for some reason this one was exceptional! 

How were my batteries recharged?  Even though the content was similar to other leadership training, the timing of this was excellent, and I was able to attend with peers in our organizations' Sales vertical, as well as my intact Operational team.  This created a very interesting dynamic that really recharged my batteries to enhance collaborative team relationships in our workplace.

At the end of the day, it is important in any team environment, that you are able to see the challenges that others face in meeting their goals.  At the end of the day, we all face similar challenges, but approach the process from different angles.  It is important that in the workplace, leaders can bridge the cross-functional gap.  This is difficult to do when, when you don't have a lens into others silo's.

When you are having challenges with cross-functional peers, take the time to network through collaborative work groups.  In doing so, you will gain an understanding of their challenges, and they will better understand yours.  At the end of the day, the customer your organization serves will reap the benefits. 

Recharge the passion in your career.  Get back to the basics.  Most importantly, put your customers as your workplace priority by reducing time spent on non-customer focused topics.  Define the goals you need to attain with your customers, and don't just plan the work, but work the plan!

Thank you to the trainer for creating this experience, and for those in the class that really made this a valuable couple of days!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Hello Mark: I've just had my batteries recharged as well! I'm writing a book right now and had had some unexpected bumps along the road (change of editor, some tech delays and more that you can read at if you're interested.)

    But taking a full week away from the writing and trying to look at the big picture and realize that a small delay now was for the betterment of the project helped me recharge and refocus.

    I'm sure that principle holds true with respect to nay kind of project. Glad to hear you found your motivation thru the course you attended.

  2. Ahh… Recharging our batteries is so very important. We think we're ever ready batteries until something reminds us we're not. Even when the need stars us in the face we forge on until something blocks us. That could be our mind going blank, getting sick or just simple exhaustion. I'm one of those.

    I am still learning to listen for the signs that tell me its time to recharge my batteries. Thanks for the reminder. :-), Susan Cooper from LinkedIn BHB

  3. Very timely topic and is needed