Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spring Time!!!

What a time of year this is!!

It is Spring Time!  Time to make leaps forward and take on new challenges as they are presented to you!  This is such an exciting time of year!

Students graduate, flowers bloom, couples marry, and everyone is coming out of the doldrums of winter!

For students, it is a time to start a new. A new grade, a new school, a new surrounding, a new job.  Spring forward and take every challenge that is presented to you! 

Reading Facebook posts, I see people talking about how they miss their youth, but it is our sons and daughters that energizes each of us and remind us of the experiences of our youth.  They allow us to see new experiences through their eyes, and at times, they ask for advice of their parents and grandparents. 

Spring puts a spring in my step each year!  Seeing the younger generation getting excited about "what's next" is very invigorating!  Change is inevitable and change is exciting!  Remember what it was like on the last day of school and know that you were going to have a later bedtime, swimming, hanging out with your friends, music, and a smile on your face all summer long! 

Get Fired Up!!  Energize yourself with positive thoughts and know that it is Spring Time!  Time to spring towards where you want to be!  Don't stay stagnant, always strive for something new! 

My High School class song was Fleetwood Mac's, "Don't Stop"  When I reflect upon the words there, I get energized and realize it is Spring Time!  "If you wake up and you don't want to smile.  If it takes just a little while.  Open your eyes, and look at the day.  You'll see things in a different way!  Don't stop thinking about tomorrow!"

Get fired up and get ready to do something positive!  Decide where you want to be, and go get it!

Start a new!  Everyday is a new beginning and in the Springtime, it is time to spring!

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