Monday, February 20, 2012

Feeling Starbuckian

I have today off as a result of President's Day, but those that know me, know that I rarely take any time off.  So, I decided to clear my mind before working today at a local Starbucks.  Today, I am in a people watching mood.

Sitting at the table next to me, is a gentleman who is very engrossed in his laptop.  Not sure if he is working on a spreadsheet, or a PowerPoint presentation, but I don't believe his eyes have crossed the horizon at the top of his glasses.  I am thinking that he is working on a presentation by the appearance of his brown sport coat and tan shirt, he just looks like a salesperson.

Against the wall are two guys sitting at a small round table with their laptops back to back across from each other as if they were playing a game.  I am waiting for one of them to jump up and yell, "You sunk my Battleship!"  They are appear to be having a strategy discussion as they appear very relaxed, but very focused.  Their conversation seems to related to a business they are in as one of the gentlemen is making emphatic gestures with his hands to make sure his friend understands his point.  Now they are both speaking with their hands.  It's like watching a puppet show.

There are two younger females across the room.  These two are catching up on things.  Their busy schedules haven't allowed them to spend much time talking about their personal life and get advice from one another. 

There is a Dad with his very young daughter, I would say no more than two or three years old.  The daughter is just excited to be able to spend time Daddy-Daughter time and the Dad seems very interested in all of the little girls questions and antics.

Then, my favorite person in Starbucks this morning is the Difference maker.  This guy is strategically positioned in the corner of the store where he can observe all that is going on.  He has the appearance of a musician or songwriter that is trying to make the next big hit.  He is completely focused with his coffee and his water on his table while composing his thoughts.

Why am I writing about this, every now and then it is important to take the time to observe what is going on around you.  It is important that even as adults, you take time to just have a brain download.  Be creative with your thoughts as you did when you were a child and let your imagination go wild.

I have no clue if the descriptions of these people are even close to being accurate, but I am taking the time to let my imagination wander and having a mental defrag while I enjoy my Starbuckian Moment.

Happy President's Day!

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