Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Essence of Positive

Are you ready?  I mean are you ready for tomorrow? 

I am so ready for tomorrow as I am each day!  Do you know why? 

It is because I get to do something each day, that I didn't do the day before!  That excites me!  That invigorates me!  That drives me to get out of bed every day!

If you are a fan of baseball movies, you will remember Dennis Quaid in the movie "The Rookie".  In the movie his character is stuck in AAA ball chasing his dream to make to the Major League team.  One night after talking to his wife about bills, life, etc, walks over to a Little League game and sees the love each young player has to play the game.

The next day he walks into the dugout, and asks one of the other players if he knows why it is a great day?  Without missing a beat Quaid's character pronounces that "We get to play baseball!"

That is the essence of positive!  How many people do you know dread what they do?  They hate getting up in the morning and they suck the life out of everyone around them.  Jon Gordon, in his book, "The Energy Bus, describes these people as Energy Vampires!

Maybe these Energy Vampires just need a hug (although I think most HR departments would frown upon that gesture)!  I look at the Vampires as an opportunity.  How can I make a difference with that person?  What makes that person tick, or rather what has that person "ticked off"? 

Life is full of trials and tribulations.  We can all wallow in the doldrums of what is not right.  As you wake up each day, guess what, you can make a new start each day.  If you are mired in the quicksand of life, find that branch to grab onto an pull yourself up!  Read a book, talk to a friend, coworker, or significant other.  Find your branch to grab on to, it will guide you in the right direction.

I have found myself stuck in the quicksand at times.  It was tough to get out, but each day I woke up, the nights became short and the day became brighter.  Much like a growing toddler that seems to sleep little and wakes up early full of energy and full of wonderment of what new adventures the new day will provide.  Find your inner child!  What is it that gets you all fired up to do more?  Grab onto that thought and use it as your branch from the quicksand and see what you get to do next!

Have a great tomorrow!!  We all get to do something!!!

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